Your kind support allows us to focus on our mission of early detection, awareness, and education to stop the development of breast cancer and save lives.
Donate Your Wedding Dress
Donate your wedding dresses today to help stop the rise of breast cancer.
Donate Your Wedding Dress
Since 1997, your donated wedding dresses are made affordable to others while proceeds help fund breast cancer prevention and detection.
Donate Your Wedding Dress
Donating a new or gently used wedding dress will free up closet space and contribute to a good cause.
Donate Your Wedding Dress

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Why donate a Wedding Dress?


Give your wedding dress a second life by donating to a meaningful charity that is devoted to helping women.


Open up new space in your closet or attic by no longer needing to store the dress. It’s a great way to “Tidy Up’ Marie Kondo style!


Support Breast Cancer Causes and by receiving a 501(c)3 donation receipt and maybe save money on taxes too!

Our Impact on Awareness

Almost 1 out of 7 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and its increasing.

Our mission is to decrease the prevalence and impact of breast cancer through early awareness and detection education.

Our efforts are working including during COVID. In 2018 BABC was featured on the Hit TV Show “NCIS: Los Angeles.” And later in 2018 BABC was featured in The New York Times. 

Our Mission


To provide early awareness and detection education programs in highly personally-interactive environments so the message is truly heard, acted upon, and can save lives.


To allow conscientious women to
provide affordable wedding dresses to others while also helping fund a charitable mission and lessen the environmental impact of wedding dress manufacturing.


Since 1997 we act knowing the most impactful dollar is spent on early awareness and detection programs. In 2019 our expense efficiency was 100% with all Management as Volunteers.