Where your kind support and wedding dress donations allow us to focus on early detection awareness and misdiagnosis and to reduce the impact of breast cancer on women’s lives and their loved ones.


our impact 

 Utilizing mass media efforts in TV and print we attain exposure to millions of women with our messaging and through woman-centric relationship channels we reach tens of thousands more.
BABC has raised over $40M since 1997 from selling 50,000 preowned wedding dresses and today runs on a low overhead operation with most of the funding coming from reselling donated wedding dresses.

We invest our resources into awareness programs. Utilizing donated dresses also helps the environment . We reduce the need to manufacture new dresses and thus reducing environmental impacts as well as using a dress reduces the likely risk it might be sent to a landfill.

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Brides Against Breast Cancer

awareness and misdiagnosis

Almost 1 out of 7 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and it’s increasing.

Up to 1 of 4 women are misdiagnosed with most being towards over diagnosed. When a woman identifies cancer at an early stage or corrects a misdiagnosis that initially indicated a more advanced stage, it helps her avoid more intensive and costly treatment options. This reduced impact also helps reduce the impact to their families and their finances.

Advanced treatments tend to be more expensive. Detection awareness can also be a lifesaver if the condition has gone unnoticed for an extended period.

After my wedding, I knew I wanted to do something special with my dress but I wasn't sure what. I didn't want to keep it in a box shoved into a corner in the basement. I didn't want to frame it or hang it in my tiny closet. I decided the best way to honor my dress was to give it new life by donating it. As a woman with BRCA-1, choosing to donate to Brides Against Breast Cancer was a no-brainer. They made it quick and easy to carryout the donation, and now my dress will not only serve a new bride, but its proceeds will fund breast cancer causes. I couldn't be happier!

Alisa | Bride Donor

Any organization that supports women with breast cancer and provides education and awareness to this disease that steals too many women’s lives is near and dear to our heart. We donate to Brides Against Breast Cancer throughout the year to assist breast cancer causes and to ensure that our sample gowns go to a good home! The BABC team cares as much as we do and they are so easy to work with!

Beth Chapman | owner The White Dress by the shore

We’re happy to receive financial support from Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Robyn M. | Breast Cancer Research Foundation

What a wonderful experience to donate my dream dress to BABC and knowing it helped good causes and another bride.

Josie A. | Dress Buyer

We’re proud to have a partnership with Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Sheryl Cherico | President GABCC

This is an opportunity for women to come in and find beautiful affordable dresses. BABC is definitely a good cause for all women to support, and one that’s touched me personally.

Shana | Dress Buyer

As a breast cancer survivor, I think this is an awesome cause. We have partnered together with BABC, and they share part of their proceeds with our organization to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Tia T. | Living Beyond Breast Cancer


Your kind gesture can help others in need as well as yourself.

Pay It Forward

Donating a wedding dress so another bride can enjoy it for their special day is an amazing gesture. Gives it a Second Life and helps a charity devoted to helping women.

Reduce Clutter

Open up new space in your closet, attic, store, or showroom by no longer needing to store the dress. It’s a great way to tidy up Marie Kondo style.

Save on Costs

Avoid paying on average $150 to clean a dress (we will accept dress uncleaned) and $250 to preserve your dress. In total, you can save about $400.

Support Recycling

When a donated dress is used, a new dress is not needed to be manufactured and it prevents that dress from likely going to a landfill later.

Support the Cause

You help a charity that is devoted to helping women and receive a 501c3 charity donation receipt which may save you money on taxes.


Any amount is helpful and helps make a difference



to help people detect breast cancer earlier and prevent misdiagnosis through early awareness education

since 1997 – where kindly donated dresses help breast cancer causes




whats happening at BABC

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