Brides Against Breast Cancer charity in 19th Year Wedding Dress Donation Drive! Proceeds help Early Detection Education Programs

BABC, founded in 1997, has raised millions of dollars for charity and helped over 50,000 women buy affordable wedding dresses.

ATLANTA, GA (October 1, 2018) – Brides Against Breast Cancer® (“BABC”) charity has launched its yearly National Wedding Dress Donation Drive. Fall is the prime time when recent brides strive to unclutter their new household. Brides also are increasingly realizing their daughters most likely will not wear their dress like in yesteryear. Donating a perfect solution. BABC focus is on early detection education, like Serena Williams supported in this video.

BABC asks brides to donate their wedding dresses where they are resold BABC to brides-to-be at very affordable prices. Dress donors receive a 501c(3) charity tax receipt, know their nice wedding dress will have a second life helping another bride and help raise needed money for breast cancer causes. The charity’s proceeds mainly help with early detection education, often considered the most impactful dollar that can be spent for stopping cancer spreading. BABC also donates to related charities supporting research and legislation.

The type of dresses accepted are 2 years old or newer but classic “couture” dresses can be up to 7 years old as classic designs are always in fashion. Wedding dress buyers can save over $1,000 as the average new wedding dress costs $1,700 and BABC’s pre-owned dresses retail for about $600 on average. Some higher-end dresses that originally sold for $5,000 – $10,000 resell for higher. Dresses are sold online, at trunk shows and through thrift retail. 

“We uniquely connect conscientious wedding dress donors with conscientious buyers, one that are price sensitive, cause sensitive, or increasingly green recycle-oriented. Reaching recent brides to consider donating is the key because older dresses can not be resold” says BABC’s CEO Drew Edwards. “It’s a pleasure to partner with BABC as they consistently and energetically support us,” said Sheryl Cherico, President of the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund charity. BABC also supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Edwards became endeared with Brides Against Breast Cancer after his wife Helene bought her wedding dress from the organization. After some engagement, he was later inspired to help continue BABC’s mission to support breast cancer causes as his mother passed away due to cancer.

About Brides Against Breast Cancer

BABC ( is a national social enterprise 501c3 charity organization that focuses on early detection education. Headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.