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Thank you for your interest in donating to Brides Against Breast Cancer. While we wish we could accept all dresses, we can only accept dresses that we know from experience can be resold. We also accept veils, headpieces and a few other accessories (no shoes). We do not accept Mother of the Bride dresses, Bridesmaid dresses or Flower Girl Dresses.

Donated dresses need to meet all 4 criteria listed below to be accepted. If you have any questions about your dress please email, before filling out our donation form.

Original cost of dress: $999 and higher for used dresses or $299 and higher for new dresses

Age of dress is less than 3 years old

Condition needs to be excellent. No rips, permanent stains or tears in fabric.

Brands not accepted: David’s Bridal, DressAfford, ieie, June Bridals

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Why do you not accept David’s Bridal or other online retailer dresses?

We have learned over 25 years that buyers of pre-owned dresses do not buy value-priced affordable brands even though they can be quite nice. We can make exceptions for Designer brands that are sold through David’s Bridal that have an original price point over $999.

If you have a specific question on your dress please email

My dress is over 3 years old but I had it cleaned and preserved right after my wedding and it is in perfect condition, will you still accept it?

We have found that brides looking to buy a pre-owned dress are only looking for dresses within about a 3 year age range. Styles of wedding dresses are constantly changing so we need to keep the inventory up to date. So while your dress could be in perfect condition in the preservation box it is unlikely the style has kept up.

Does my dress need to be professionally cleaned before I donate?

No, as we accept dresses that have not been cleaned. However we cannot accept permanently stained or seriously damaged dresses. We do have a voluntary dress cleaning donation of $50 if you would like to help offset these costs when donating.

Do we pay for shipping?

Sorry but we are unable to do this. However, we do recommend using the smallest box possible when shipping to save on costs. Rest assured we know how to steam, clean and fluff out your dress once it arrives.

Do you accept accessories?

Yes we can accept veils and hair pieces as long as they are in excellent condition. We do not accept shoes or jewelry for sanitary purposes.


Any amount is helpful and helps make a difference