BABC promotes National Donate Your Wedding Dress Month + Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Press Releases

Recent brides need to donate their wedding dress within 4 years of their wedding because used dress buyers will only buy dresses that are in fashion.


ATLANTA, GA – Brides Against Breast Cancer® (“BABC”) charity, founded in 1997, is promoting its “National Donate Your Wedding Dress Month.” A recent bride can give their dress a deserving chance for a second life before it sadly becomes not donatable as outdated dresses can’t be resold successfully. Brides are increasingly realizing their daughters or nieces will likely not wear their dress like in yesteryear and also want to unclutter their new household “Marie Kondo” style.


BABC focuses on awareness and early detection education. Besides its core outreach programs, BABC has gained exposure by being written in the 2018 script for the CBS TV show NCIS: Los Angeles and in December 2018 was featured in The New Times Newspaper. Serena Williams also supports early awareness with her  “I Touch Myself Project


BABC asks conscientious recent brides to donate their wedding dresses so they can be resold to brides-to-be at affordable prices. Donors get a 501c(3) charity tax receipt and the proceeds help raise funds for breast cancer causes. Early detection education programs are often considered the most impactful dollar that can be spent for saving lives and saving costs (average treatment costs about $40,000). BABC also supports research charities as breast cancer affects almost 1 in 7 women and that rate is still sadly increasing.


The three types of dresses accepted are either less than 2 years old, less than 4 years old but were “classic couture” designer dresses retailing for over $1,000, or are new dresses that retail for over $300. Buyers often save up to 90% and pay on average about $700. The original retail prices mostly range from $300 to over $10,000 but most are in the $1,000-$4,000 range. The average new wedding dress costs $1,800. Dresses are resold online, at trunk shows and through thrift retail stores.


“We connect conscientious wedding dress donors with buyers that need an affordable price or want to support breast cancer or green recycling causes. Reaching recent brides is a challenge as wedding dresses become outdated and therefore unsellable quickly.” says BABC’s CEO Drew Edwards. BABC also supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. “We have proof that we are making people better. I am proof of that.” Says Dr. Merajver, BCRF researcher, diagnosed in 2017.


Edwards became endeared to support Brides Against Breast Cancer after his wife Helene bought her wedding dress from the organization. Later he volunteered to be the Executive Director also because his mother passed away due to cancer due to poor cancer detection education.


About Brides Against Breast Cancer

Since 1997 BABC has raised over 25 million dollars for breast cancer causes that save lives while also making wedding dresses affordable for over 50,000 women. BABC ( is a national 501c3 charity organization headquartered is located in Atlanta, Georgia.


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