Our Impact



Brides Against Breast Cancer (“BABC”) began in 1997 to various help breast cancer causes. Today the charity’s mission is providing early detection education while also supporting research and legislation efforts with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. A dollar spent today on detection can save $1,000 spent on treatment.

Breast cancer impacts 1 of 7 women today and is increasing. It virtually touches every woman’s life either directly or through their mother, sister, daughter or friend. Worldwide breast cancer is still growing.


As a social enterprise charity, we mainly fund our operations by reselling pre-owned wedding dresses and wedding gowns that were donated to us. Donors who donate their wedding dresses or wedding gowns receive a charity donation 501(c)(3) tax receipt, know their nice dress will have a second life with another bride, and know sales proceeds will help breast cancer causes.


Our early detection education efforts are focused on woman aged 18 to 35. Breast cancer in young women (“early onset breast cancer”) is less common but are more likely to be fast-growing, higher-grade and hormone receptor-negative. This in turn makes them more aggressive and requiring chemotherapy. Early detection is key in saving lives.

We strive to share the latest scientific insights but also in a relatable manner that the information will be understood and acted upon by women. While we use mass communication, like social media and Press Releases, we feel there is greater success through “human-driven” marketing channels. We want to make sure the information we’re sharing is truly conveyed, understood, and hopefully acted upon by the women receiving it. We are also establishing innovative Ambassador programs with teenage girls to spread awareness.


Beyond creating awareness, we share the importance of mammograms and how to conduct self exams as well as listing valuable resources. We also share real world aspects such as the possible impact of Chlorine, EMF radiation, bra design, food diet, etc… The chemical Chlorine is a widely and cheaply used sanitizer for public water systems. Exposure from EMF radiation, such as signals from cell phones, per the World Health Organization classifies cell phones as a class 2B carcinogen. Bras are constructed from many materials that contain potentially harmful chemicals, offer improper support and don’t allow the breast to breathe properly. Also certain foods will help our hurt susceptibility.