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You’re watching Cinderella, the classic 1950 Disney film concerning the fairy tale. The scene cuts to Cinderella running into her family Garden, distraught over her inability to attend the Price’s ball. But wait, Cinderella’s fairy godmother appears and magically transforms Cinderella’s outfit in a flutter of glitter and stars. Ta-da! The perfect princess’ ball gown.

This magical transformation lives in the hearts of many children who dream of meeting their version of Prince Charming. Who wouldn’t want to have Cinderella’s glamorous presence at the ball?

The ball gown, a signature Cinderella feature, permeates fashion at several vantage points. This style of dress be seen in formal attire in the Victorian era, women’s fashion of the 1950s, and specifically in wedding dresses today.

MoriLee Ball Gown at Brides Against Breast Cancer

This MoriLee ball gown in our collection holds all the glamor of Cinderella and Grace Kelly combined. This gown is $899 and fits a size 6. You can try on and buy this and many other ball gowns at our store.

As with the case of Cinderella’s entrance to the Prince’s ball, when brides step into the room time seems to stand still. This wedding dress reminds us of such fairy tale moments.

Ball gowns are glamorous, timeless and highly feminine—no wonder they are so popular! Unlike the sheath style, which works well on athletic and petite body types, the ball gown compliments all body shapes.

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